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11/10/2021 Techno Vector Group at «SEMA Show 2021» Techno Vector and iPRO equipment has been represented on November 2-5, 2021 at the international exhibition «SEMA» in Las Vegas
09/06/2021 Techno Vector Group at the exhibition "Interauto 2021" On August 24-27 Techno Vector represents its equipment at the "Interauto 2021"
11/01/2020 Techno Vector at the online exhibition «SEMA360» From 2nd to 6th of November 2020 Techno Vector represents its equipment online at the SEMA360


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Techno Vector 5

V 5216 R

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Techno Vector V 5216 R wheel aligner is composed of a computer and 4 measurement units. In total there are 8 CCD cameras and 8 high precision tilt sensors.
Measurement units use infrared transmitters and recievers to communicate with each other. Connection with a computer is done using a wireless computer network (WiFi).

Computer cabinet: V-series.


Wheel aligner is shipped completely calibrated. Calibration device is included with the wheel aligner. It is necessary to recalibrate the aligner every 6 months.


Packaging type
Dimensions (mm)
Cardboard package on a wooden pallet (computer cabinet)
Wooden box
1230х600х360 1
Wooden box
930х360х540 2
Wooden box
Wooden box (calibration device)
Cardboard box (computer case)
400х230х460 1
Cardboard box (computer monitor) 450х450х125 1

Gross weight: 250 kg.
Volume: 1,70 m3.

Transportation of the device should be carried out in special package in enclosed means of transportation (enclosed freight cars, enclosed car bodies, holds, hermetically sealed compartments of aircraft).
When transported all packages must be rigidly fastened to the means of transportation. Rules of cargo handling must be followed according to the signs on the box: Fragile, This Side Up, Handle with Care, Keep Dry.

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