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TechnoVector 6


How to Buy?
Product description


Number of cameras 2 pcs
Installation No assembly required. Wheel aligner is ready to use right away.
Computer cabinet
Light (console)
Installation option Lift or Pit
Distance from the wall to the front wheels of a car No restrictions to a workplace
  • Installation is possible even in small workshops (there are no restrictions on the distance between the lift and front wall)
  • Measurement and adjustment can be made at any height of the lift
  • The aligner is not attached to the workplace and can be moved around
  • Doesn't require installation

Installation and Calibration:

TechnoVector 6 wheel aligner is shipped completely calibrated. Doesn't require mounting. The calibration should be performed only if parts of the aligner were damaged and/or skewed.

Packaging and Delivery:

Gross weight: 165kg.

Volume: 1,1 m3

Transportation of the device must be carried out in special package in enclosed means of transportation (enclosed freight cars, enclosed car bodies, holds, hermetically sealed compartments of aircraft).

When transported packages with the aligner parts must be rigidly fastened to the means of transportation. Rules of cargo handling must be followed according to the signs on the box: Fragile, This Side Up, Handle with Care, Keep Dry.

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