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10/08/2019 Techno Vector 8 at the exhibition «AUTO SALON and AUTOWEEK» in Korea Contactless wheel aligner Techno Vector 8 at the exhibition «AUTO SALON and AUTOWEEK» on October 3-6, 2019.
10/01/2019 Techno Vector at the exhibition «AUTOTEC EXPO 2019» in Greece 27-29 of September 2019, Techno Vector equipment was represented at the AUTOTEC EXPO 2019 in Paianía (Greece)
09/11/2019 Techno Vector Group presented new products at the Interauto-2019 Techno Vector Group presented impressive new products at the exhibition Interauto-2019 in Moscow in the period 2-5 of September.


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Techno Vector 7

V 7204 H A

Series: Aluminum

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Number of cameras 4 stationary cameras
Camera type 2x1.3MPix and 2x5MPix machine vision industrial cameras, RAW
Mounting type Floor-mount. Two big pillars
Cabinet type V-series
Applicability Lift or Pit
Distance from cameras to the center of front turn tables 1200-2550mm, recommended distance 2200mm
Main advantages
  • 4 camera configurations allow using a lift throughout all its height*;
  • Drive-through is allowed.
* When installed at the distance of more than 2200mm from front turn tables, the wheel aligner works from the lowest position of the lift up to the height of 1700mm.

Installation and Calibration

Mounting Required (floor)
Calibration after mounting Required

Installation and calibration must be performed by a certified specialist.