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TechnoVector 8

V 8218


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Product description

TechnoVector 8 SmartLight

TechnoVector 8 - a revolutionary new way of contactless measuremen.
TechnoVector 8 SmartLight contactless wheel aligner guarantees the safety of wheel rims and provides the best operation speed: measurement of all the basic parameters is performed right after the car enters the measurement area.


Series SmartLight

Contactless wheel aligner for the lift

Number of cameras 18
Cabinet type V - series
Mounting type Lift

Measurement and adjustment

Complete measurement in a few seconds

Measures cars with wheelbases from 2m to 3.5m. *

Automatically rotating rear posts adapt to different wheelbases

Installation of wheel adapters or any other equipment on wheels is not required

* - can be adapted for the individual working area and for needs of the customer.

Comment type is not specified in the component properties.