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Techno Vector 6202 M

Configuration of the workplace sometimes does not allow you to use traditional 3D wheel aligners. But our long and wide experience helped us design Techno Vector 6202 M wheel aligners which allow installation in various conditions.

V 6202 M 3D wheel aligner Techno Vector 6 M
V 6202 M
Аpplicability: Lift or Pit

T 6202 M 3D wheel aligner Techno Vector 6 M
T 7202 MC
Аpplicability: Lift or Pit

6202 M 3D wheel aligner Techno Vector 6 M
6202 M
Аpplicability: Lift or Pit



Fit for any type of 4-post lifts *

Fit for scissor lifts*

Fit for pits, with NO additional equipment required

No limits on the distance between the lift and the front wall


Machine vision system fits in the sizes of the lift (pit)

Measurements and adjustments at any height of the lift

Not attached to a certain work place

Adjustable magnetic fastenings on camera units

Completely wireless connection

Operational comfort

Mobile camera units with reliable fastenings allow minimizing the risk of their damage

Distance for camera units installation is only 900mm from front turn tables

Compact targets made of magnesium alloy significantly improve operational comfort

Power supply and data transfer cables can be connected which allows operation in 24/7 mode

Techno Vector 6202 M list of supply

Machine vision system

Camera unit with measurement camera and additional camera

Camera unit with measurement camera and target

Additional camera and target are used to calculate the position of camera units relative to each other

4 compact targets

Workplace (cabinet)

Ergonomic cabinet equipped with control elements.

Different types of cabinets available: V-series, T-series or Light-series.

All-equipped workplace

Front turn tables

Allow lateral load removal from front wheels;

Can be used with 3D wheel aligners of any trademark;

Load capacity of 1 set: 2000 kg;

Overall sizes of turn table: 370х375х50 mm.


Compact and powerful computer takes very little space

Windows 10 pre-installed

Techno Vector software and wheel alignment database pre-installed

Remote control

Ergonomic remote controller allows operation at a distance of up to 10 meters

Membrane keyboard which buttons duplicate the functional keys on the main control panel

Connection between computer and remote control is carried out via radio channel 2.4 GHz.

Wheel adapters with targets

Used to do wheel alignment on vehicles with the diameter of the disk of 12-24", including vehicles with low bumper (spoiler).

Thanks to the synchronization mechanism, the axis of the target always coincides with the axis of the wheel.

Compact, light and durable targets manufactured with our proprietary technology.

No electronic parts in the targets.

Steering wheel holder and brake lock

Brake lock is used to lock the brake pedal pressed down when doing wheel alignment.

Steering wheel holder is used to lock the steering wheel when adjusting suspension units after setting the steering wheel straight ahead.

Brackets versions

(Supplied separately)

Brackets for 4-post lifts

Fit for any type of 4-post lifts

No workplace modification required

Brackets for scissor lifts

Can be used on the lift installed in the recess

Can be used on the lift installed on the level floor

Universal posts

Fit for any type of 4-post lifts

Fit for any type of scissor lifts

Fit for pits.