Techno Vector 6202M —mobile 3D wheel aligner developed by Technocar

Techno Vector 6202M 3D is Technocar’s new development. In comparison to traditional wheel aligners this model has a lot of advantages:
  • This machine can be used with any type of lifts. Brackets fastened to the lift are used for camera units installation. Camera units located on these brackets move along with the vehicle;
  • Simple installation and removal of the camera units: the units are equipped with magnetic fastenings. No mechanical fastenings are used which saves time and increases mobility of the system;
  • The additional camera in one of the units is used to determine the position of camera units relative to each other;
  • Minimum distance to the front wall is only 90 cm. The new wheel aligner can be installed in almost any bay.
Techno Vector 6202M
Techno Vector 6202M can be used in small shops equipped with either a lift or pit.
To fasten camera units on 4-post lifts and on scissor lifts, different types of brackets are used. It is also possible to use universal posts.

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