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Techno Vector at the «Automassan 2020» exhibition in Sweden

The largest exhibition in the Scandinavian region named «Automassan 2020», devoted to the newest products and services of the automobile industry, takes place in the period from 15 to 18 January 2020 in the city of Goteborg (Sweden).

Techno Vector Group represents in Sweden:

    - contactless wheel aligner Techno Vector 8 for measurement and adjustment of the car on the lift. This aligner allows measuring of the camber and toe without installation of wheel adaptors either in lower or in the higher position of the lift,

  - 3D- wheel aligner Techno Vector 7,

  - 3D mobile wheel aligner Techno Vector 7 Truck for trucks,

  - wheel balancers iPRO equipped with laser pointers of weight installation position and smart motor control system,

  - automatic tire changer iPRO with the top set of options.

The exhibition «Automassan 2020» allows the participants to demonstrate their technical capacity, to represent the new products as well as to share the experience with the largest Sweden corporations and leading companies associated with the market of car maintenance and aftersales services from different countries.

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