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Techno Vector Group presented new products at the Interauto-2019

More than 350 companies from all around the world exhibited their equipment for garage and service maintenance at the Interauto exhibition, which had a place in the International Exhibition Center “Crocus Expo” in Moscow in the period 2-5 of September.

Demonstration of two the newest inventions of Techno Vector Group became one of the major events at the Interauto:
Contactless wheel aligner Techno Vector 8
Tire changing equipment iPRO

DSC00892_1.jpg  11_1.jpg

Visitors of the exhibition took a chance to see the unique new product for measurement and adjustment of car wheels angles – contactless wheel aligners presented in different versions:
Techno vector 8 – for measurement and adjustment of camber and toe WITHOUT installation of wheel adapters,

Techno vector 8 Velox – for measurement and adjustment of camber and toe WITHOUT installation of wheel adapters. This type of wheel aligner is especially recommended to be used on check lanes of car dealer centers and car service stations.

During the presentation, visitors could demonstrably see the process of car wheels angles measurement by contactless wheel aligner in real-time.

Moreover, the great interest of visitors was sparked by the new line of modern and high-quality equipment for professional tire shops iPRO – tire changers and wheel balancing machines.

Techno Vector Group presented the complete line of equipment for tire shops:
  • Automatic tire changing machines iPRO with different variations of auxiliary “third arm”
  • Wheel balancing machines iPRO with contactless recognition of weights installation coordinates
  • Automatic  wheel washers: «Tornado AWD» of top version  and « Tornado Truck»  for truck wheels
During the exhibition, more than 12 000 visitors from 20 countries and 44 regions of Russia visited the exhibition booth of Techno Vector.

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