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11/10/2021 Techno Vector Group at «SEMA Show 2021» Techno Vector and iPRO equipment has been represented on November 2-5, 2021 at the international exhibition «SEMA» in Las Vegas
09/06/2021 Techno Vector Group at the exhibition "Interauto 2021" On August 24-27 Techno Vector represents its equipment at the "Interauto 2021"
11/01/2020 Techno Vector at the online exhibition «SEMA360» From 2nd to 6th of November 2020 Techno Vector represents its equipment online at the SEMA360

Wheel balancer iPRO BM3

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Product description

Wheel balancer iPRO BM3

Technical characteristics

Measurement range for unbalanced mass, gr From 0 to 100
Unbalanced mass measurement discreteness, gr 1
Balancing cycle time (wheel 195/65R15), sec
From 5,5
The rim diameter of the balanced wheel, inches
- for stamped rims
- for light alloy rims

Maximum tire diameter of the balanced wheel, mm
Dimenstions of wheel balancing machine (WxDxH), mm, no more than
Protective case is up
Protective case is down

1138 х 910 х 1669
1138 х 809 х 1669
Maximum, weight of the balanced wheel, kg, no more than
Machine weight, kg, no more than
Alternate current power voltage, V
230  ±10%
Alternate current frequency, Hz 50
Consumed power, W 350

Functional features

Automatic identification of wheel rim inner surface by the electronic measuring ruler

Measurement of rim geometrical shape is effected by a sensor installed inside of measuring ruler. The measurement result is displayed on the screen of the iPRO wheel balancer as a polar coordinate system

After the measurement is done the program shows minimum, maximum, and nominal deviation.

 Wheel balancer iPRO BM3  Wheel balancer iPRO BM3

Ways how to start balancing

  • Automatic – by the closing of the hood
  • By the press of the button START on the keyboard

 Wheel balancer iPRO BM3  Wheel balancer iPRO BM3

Wheel balancer Internet connection through Wi-Fi, automatic data transition and cloud storage, 24/7 access for the owner (authorized person) from any location

 Wheel balancer iPRO BM3  Wheel balancer iPRO BM3

Features of iPRO  BMwheel balancer

  • The main working surface contains 15 cross-functional cells for storage of balancing weights, cones, and other tools.
  • Additional space provided by drawers for storage of balancing weights boxes and other tools..
  • Компактные размеры.

Dimensions of wheel balancing machine


Сертификат  Wheel balancer iPRO BM3 Сертификат  Wheel balancer iPRO BM3 Сертификат  Wheel balancer iPRO BM3 Сертификат  Wheel balancer iPRO BM3

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