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Wheel washer Tornado Truck (H)

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Product description

Automatic wheel washer "Tornado Truck" with the function of water heating

Tornado Truck with the function of water heating automatic wheel washers are designed to clean truck wheels from dirt.

Principal characteristics:

Overall sizes (WxHxD) with a closed door 1390x2424x1620 mm
Overall sizes (WxHxD) with an open door 1390x2424x2254 mm
Overall pack sizes (WxHxD)

pack №1 2500x900x450 mm

pack №2 1850x1360x2030 mm

Wheel width 240-430 mm
Wheel diameter 740-1200 mm
Duration of washing 60s, 120s, 240s
Duration of drying 15 s
Water tank capacity 500 l
Nominal water supply of the pump 40 m3/h
Wheel drive rotation speed 685 rpm
Water pressure 4 bar/400 kPa

Grain weight

used to put into the water tank

50 kg

40 kg

Weight without water 690 kg
Maximal weight 863 kg  (+/-3%)
Consumed power 10 kW
Air pressure 1 MPa

Tornado Truck wheel washer key features

Main advantages:

  • Wheel width up to 430 mm and wheel height up to 1200 mm;
  • Pneumatic lift for loading and unloading wheels;
  • Wheel loading mechanism allows loading wheels with central part and without it;
  • Full noise isolation of the washing unit.

Wheel washing

Closed-cycle washing, dirt is accumulated at the bottom of the water tank. The washer does not require connecting to the water supply and sewerage system and leaves your shop clean.

The product has several operation modes, which should be used depending on how much dirt there is on the wheel.

One of the main features of this model is the pneumatic lift for loading and unloading wheels.

Depending on how dirty the wheel is, the technician can select one of the following washing modes:

  • 60 seconds;
  • 120 seconds;
  • 240 seconds.

After that drying with compressed air automatically starts and lasts for 30 seconds. Also there is a separate wheel drying mode that lasts for 30 seconds.

In the administration mode you can program any washing and drying intervals for your washer.

Tornado Truck intended usage

Tornado Truck with the function of water heating automatic wheel washers are designed to clean truck wheels from dirt with pressured water and plastic pellets.

It is more convenient to work with clean and dry wheels when you make tire fitting and it is more convenient to transport them. Also, wheel washing procedure can be an additional competitive advantage for your tire shop

Maximum wheel size for this washer model is 1200mm x 430mm, which allows making service for the majority of trucks.

Using Tornado Truck wheel washer allows improving the service quality when carrying out tire fitting for trucks, increasing performance of your tire fitting shop and decreasing manual labour.

Loading and unloading wheels with Tornado Truck

Loading and unloading operations are carried out with the pneumatic lift installed on the left side of the washer and quipped with the arm with a rotating end, which allows easy and safe picking up, and holding of the wheel rim.

The remote control (up and down) for the pneumatic cylinder is installed on the top part of the bracket.


The washer includes a water tank, washing box, electrical unit box, water supply system, air supply system, wheel rotation drive and control system. Wheel washer with the heating function are equipped with a tubular heating element with heat controller.

The washing technique involves high-pressure water and plastic pellets supply (pellets are used as a washing element).

It is a closed cycle washer and thanks to this, you need only compressed air and electricity to connect it. The washer does not require connecting to the water supply and sewerage system.

The automatic washer is maintenance-friendly and does not require any special skills or devices:
- plastic pellets are automatically accumulated into a special container;
- water and dirt are removed through a drain hole;
- in the front part of the water tank there is a solid sediment and dirt tank. Thanks to this sediment is accumulated into a place where it can be easily removed from. It is removed from the underpan mechanically.

The washing chamber, water tank and shafts (including drive shafts) are made of stainless steel.

The control panel includes the membrane keyboard and moisture-proof LCD display which makes the wheel washer ergonomic and easy to control. On the LSC display you can see information about a current program mode and time left before finishing the operation, shown in a simple way. There is also information about number of washed wheels, a warning if the door of the washing chamber is not closed, a warning to change water and other service messages shown on the display.

All washers are supplied with:

  • - 50 kg of grains,
  • - a device to accumulate grains,
  • - a rubber mat.

Сертификат  Wheel washer Tornado Truck (H) Сертификат  Wheel washer Tornado Truck (H)

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