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Installation Diagram

TechnoVector 6 has been designed to remove the limits when using 3D wheel aligners with lifts and in small workshops:

  • limits on the distance between posts of the lift;
  • limits on the distance to the front wall.

TechnoVector 6 can also be successfully used on the pit!

Diagrams of TechnoVector 6 installation variants on the lift and on the pit are given below.

Installation on the lift

When installing on the lift, the shaft with reference targets should be placed on the platforms of the lift in front, at a distance of 250-650mm from the axis of the front vehicle wheel and should be raised and lowered together with the vehicle.


! This installation variant does not require wheel aligner assembly and camera calibration.

Installation on the pit

Preparing a new workplace (pit) for TechnoVector 6

To install TechnoVector 6 on the pit, it is necessary to take into account the position of technological recesses for reference targets when you design the pit.



! This installation variant does not require wheel aligner assembly and camera calibration.

TechnoVector 6 installation on the existing workplace (pit)

Variant 1 (posts with reference targets)

If it is impossible to make technological recesses, reference targets can be placed in posts.

Posts with reference targets installed in them should be mounted at a distance of ~700mm from the front axis of the vehicle wheel.


! This installation variant requires post assembly and reference target correspondence calibration.

The assembly should be performed by a technician from the service center which is authorized to install TechnoVector 6 and 7 and to carry out start-up and adjustment.

Variant 2 (Mounting the shaft with reference targets on the wall)

If there is a main wall in front of the pit, the shaft with reference targets can be mounted on the wall with brackets.

The distance from the front vehicle axis to the wall should not exceed 2m.

The height at which the shaft should be mounted depends on the distance to the wall and can be within 960-1260mm.


This installation variant allows the customer to mount the brackets on the wall; the requirements to the height, distance from the wall to the axis of the front wheel and horizontality of the shaft should be taken into account.
Camera calibration is not required.

Please specify the installation variant, when you order TechnoVector 6 wheel aligners.