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05.12.2023 TechnoVector at Automechanika Shanghai 2023 TechnoVector featured wheel alignment equipment at Automechanika Shanghai which took place on November 29 - December 2, 2023 in China.
04.11.2023 TechnoVector at SEMA 2023 in the USA October 31 through November 3, 2023 we exhibited TechnoVector wheel alignment machines at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, USA
10.10.2023 TechnoVector at Automechanika Dubai in UAE On October 2 – 4, 2023 TechnoVector equipment was featured at the exhibition in Dubai

Wheel balancer TechnoVector BM5

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Product description

Wheel balancer TechnoVector BM5

  Technical characteristics

Measurement range for unbalanced mass, gr From 0 to 100
Unbalanced mass measurement discreteness, gr 1
Balancing cycle time (wheel 195/65R15), sec
From 4,1
The rim diameter of the balanced wheel, inches
- for stamped rims
- for light alloy rims

Maximum tire diameter of the balanced wheel, mm
Dimenstions of wheel balancing machine (WxDxH), mm, no more than
Protective case is up
Protective case is down

1393 x 1001 x 1665
1393 x 1104 x 1655
Maximum, weight of the balanced wheel, kg, no more than
Machine weight, kg, no more than
Alternate current power voltage, V
230  ±10%
Alternate current frequency, Hz 50
Consumed power, W 350


Wheel balancing machine is the accurate device, where data are processed and controlled by the microprocessor, and which is designed for wheel balancing of cars, minivans and light trucks (maximal wheel tire diameter is 900mm and maximal wheel tire width is 500mm).
Wheel balancing machine provides the measurement of static and dynamic wheel unbalance and mass calculation of correctional weights and their positions in two correction planes (on internal and external sides of wheel disk as well) during one measuring cycle.

balansing stend BM5 balansing stend BM5 BM5

Single board microcomputer with the high-performance processor 4 cores and 64-bits provides high precision of measurement and an excellent graphics.

Large wheel protectlve case equipped with a limit switch.

balansing stend iPRO BM5 balansing stend iPRO BM5  Wheel balancer TechnoVector BM5

Dimensions of wheel balancing machine 

 Wheel balancer TechnoVector BM5

Сертификат  Wheel balancer TechnoVector BM5 Сертификат  Wheel balancer TechnoVector BM5 Сертификат  Wheel balancer TechnoVector BM5 Сертификат  Wheel balancer TechnoVector BM5

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