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11/10/2021 Techno Vector Group at «SEMA Show 2021» Techno Vector and iPRO equipment has been represented on November 2-5, 2021 at the international exhibition «SEMA» in Las Vegas
09/06/2021 Techno Vector Group at the exhibition "Interauto 2021" On August 24-27 Techno Vector represents its equipment at the "Interauto 2021"
11/01/2020 Techno Vector at the online exhibition «SEMA360» From 2nd to 6th of November 2020 Techno Vector represents its equipment online at the SEMA360

Tyre changer iPRO TM7B

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Product description

Tire changer iPRO TM7B
Automatic with deflectable mounting arm

Technical characteristics

Maximal tire diameter 1100 mm
Tire width
Bead for external clamping
Bead for internal clamping 13"-26"
Force оп the bead remover head
2500 kg
Working pressure
8-10 bar
380 V/220 V/110 V
Motor capacity
0,75 kW/1,1 kW
Noise level in working condition
<70 Db


Automatic tire changer iPRO ТМ7В is designed for changing of саг tires with rim diameter from 11 to 26 inches and maximal tire diameter 1100mm.
PossiЫe to use with steel disks with diameter up to 26", and with aluminium disks with diameter up to 24".

• Pneumatic automatic stopping mechanism
• Self-centering 4-cams clamping mechanism of the rotary tаЫе
• Efficient device to remove the tire rim with special pad fог careful wirk with tires and disks
• Two mounting heads: made of steel and hard polymer
• AII the parts which contact with bead, such like mounting head, clamping cams, remover аге equipped with plastic protectors to prevent the damage of the bead.


Multifunctional pneumatic device to make easier the mounting/dismou nting of hard tires and tires with low profile.

Pneumatic cylinder fог automatic control of mounting head vertical positioning.


WеагаЫе pads fог protection of the working tаЫе. Blast inflation device.


Manometer is installed оп the mounting агm fог control the pressure. lnflation is performed bу press of the pedal.


Control pulpit fог multifunctional pneumatic device.

Сертификат  Tyre changer iPRO TM7B Сертификат  Tyre changer iPRO TM7B

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