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20.05.2024 TechnoVector at AutoServiceTec in Italy May 17th to 19th 2024 TechnoVector equipment was featured in Catania
28.03.2024 TechnoVector at DDOR BG Car Show & Motopassion On March 21-27, 2024 TechnoVector 8 contactless machine was featured in the trade show in Serbia
25.03.2024 TechnoVector and iPRO at AMTS 2024 On the 21-24th of March 2024 TechnoVector and iPRO equipment was featured at the show in Hungary.

TechnoVector 7

P 7202 TAB

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Product description

Premium Computer Cabinet

  • Ergonomic control panel
  • Recess for tablet* installation
  • Section for bar code reader* and tools
  • Comes with Full HD monitor
  • Easy access to printer* thanks to roll-out shelf
  • Pullout drawers for tools (622х383mm)
  • Brackets to store wheel adapters and targets

  • Bumper along the perimeter prevents the cabinet from damage when moving
  • Brackets for steering wheel holder and brake lock at the rear panel.


Number of cameras 2 video cameras
Camera type Industrial Grade HD high-precision optical RAW cameras
Mounting type Floor mount, T-pillar
Cabinet type P-series
Applicability Pit or lift
Distance from cameras to the center of front turn tables

1400mm-3500mm*, namely:
  1400 — 3500mm for pits
  2800 - 3500 mm for lifts
  2200 - 3500 mm for lifts with the measurement height of 500mm

*Suitable for most standard cars.
**The distance depends on wheel diameter and wheelbase length.

Main advantages
  • The beam with cameras can be fastened to the back of the pillar at a required height. The range of heights is 1450mm to 2560mm (height from the floor level up to the center of the camera). The height of the pillar is 2700mm. 
  • Selection of height depends on the distance from the cameras to the front turntables.
  • Thanks to the adjustable height of the beam, the wheel aligner installation can be made at an already existing wheel alignment post (pit or lift).
  • The shortest distance from the cameras to the center of front turn tables among the wheel aligners of the T-series.
  • Additional LED displays show prompts for technicians.


Light targets made of magnesium alloy are of a smaller size and can be used with magnetic clamps*** (if necessary)

*** - Magnetic clamps are not included in the base configuration and can be ordered separately.

Extra displays show hints for technicians and can be useful when the monitor is obstructed by the lift or car

Installation and Calibration

Mounting Required (floor)
Calibration after installation Not required*
* Calibration after installation is recommended. Without calibration after installation the wheel aligner makes correct measurements only in the plane of the car. To take measurements relative to the horizontal plane it’s necessary to make horizon measurement.

Installation and calibration must be performed by a certified specialist.
This wheel aligner is supplied pre-calibrated and can be used right after installation.

Comment type is not specified in the component properties.