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TechnoVector 8 VELOX

V series
Т series
Light series
V 8214 VELOX TechnoVector 8 VELOX
Техно Вектор 8 VELOX V 8214 VELOX
Аpplicability: floor
V series
Т series
Light series
V 8102 VELOX TechnoVector 8 VELOX
Техно Вектор 8 VELOX V 8102 VELOX
Аpplicability: floor

TechnoVector 8 VELOX
Contactless wheel alignment test-lanes.

Designed for contactless test-lanes to allow fast drive-through control of basic wheel alignment parameters of the vehicle. This allows the technician to make a decision if an adjustment is needed.


  • Contactless measurement

  • Measurement of the car takes a few seconds

  • Installation of wheel adapters or any other equipment on wheels is not required

TechnoVector 8 with smartlight technology operation principle

TechnoVector 8 performs measurements using controlled projection systems that provide a dynamic structural backlighting of wheels.
Measuring units project a dynamic pattern onto each wheel. High-precision industrial cameras coupled with the projection systems form an Active Stereo Vision system, that provides a 3D image.
This image is then processed by the computer to identify a precise position of the wheel.

Main components

Posts are equipped with the machine vision systems and projection systems

  • Robust design

  • Posts can be adapted to individual features of your workplace

  • Rotating mechanism allows measuring cars with different length without moving the posts sideways.

Why should you buy TechnoVector 8 Velox

  • Contactless measurement means that rims can never be scratched or damaged by a clamp.

  • Clamp-free measurement allows to perform a full assessment of all the values in a matter of seconds.

  • Official warranty: Quick response and anytime availability of all the spare parts in stock!

  • Regular software update: Software and database update twice a year.

  • Optional remote desktop connection to your wheel aligner: We can check if your equipment runs correctly or not via Internet without sending our technicians to you.


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