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05.12.2023 TechnoVector at Automechanika Shanghai 2023 TechnoVector featured wheel alignment equipment at Automechanika Shanghai which took place on November 29 - December 2, 2023 in China.
04.11.2023 TechnoVector at SEMA 2023 in the USA October 31 through November 3, 2023 we exhibited TechnoVector wheel alignment machines at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, USA
10.10.2023 TechnoVector at Automechanika Dubai in UAE On October 2 – 4, 2023 TechnoVector equipment was featured at the exhibition in Dubai

TechnoVector 8 SMARTLIGHT

P series
V series
T series
S series
P 8218 TechnoVector 8 SMARTLIGHT
 TechnoVector P 8218
Applicability: Lift
P series
V series
T series
S series
P 8214 TechnoVector 8 SMARTLIGHT
 TechnoVector P 8214
Applicability: Pit

TechnoVector 8: a revolutionary new way of contactless measurement

TechnoVector 8 contactless wheel aligner guarantees the safety of wheel rims and provides the best operation speed: measurement of all the basic parameters is performed right after the car enters the measurement area.


  • Contactless measurement 
  • Wheel adapter and target installation NOT required
  • Measurements accomplished within seconds
  • Extra space in front and at the back of the car NOT required
  • Measurements on the floor allowed
  • Automatic rotating posts for rear wheels control
  • Powerful PC for high measurement speed
  • Fits for shops 4.9 and more meters wide
  • Maximum wheel diameter – 90cm
  • Wheelbase from 2 to 3.9m (can be adapted individually to a client )

TechnoVector 8 SmartLight operation principle

TechnoVector 8 aligners are based on a machine vision system and a structured light projection system. The software projects a pattern of points in front of it, determines the wheel position and, based on a pair of cameras (stereo-vision), calculates a precise position for each point in 3D space.

The software then performs an analysis of the points, ignores those that are irrelevant or lead to erroneous results and determines each wheel’s position in 3D space. Camera units are interconnected using a 3D technology (a camera and a target) to allow for a unified coordinate system.

Main units

Contactless vision system

Contactless vision system makes it possible to do wheel alignment within a few seconds.

  • High-precision industrial cameras;
  • Structured light of high brightness;
  • Rotating rear posts allow taking measurements on vehicles with the wheelbase from  2 to 3.9 meters;
  • 3D scanning of each wheel in real time.

Machine vision system posts

The posts include the machine vision system and projection system.

  • Robust design;
  • Posts can be adapted to individual installation conditions;
  • Rotating mechanism allows measuring vehicles of different length without moving the posts.

Software and hardware

The wheel aligners come with a powerful PC and a licensed software.

  • Windows 10 operating system;
  • Powerful PC;
  • Free software and database updates for the whole service life of the equipment.

Why should you buy TechnoVector 8 ?

  • Contactless measurement means that rims can never be scratched or damaged by clamps.
  • Measurements without using clamps allow making a full assessment of all the parameters in a matter of seconds.
  • Official warranty: technical support and all the spare parts are available any time you need.
  • Regular software update: software and database updates twice a year.
  • Optional remote desktop connection to your wheel aligner: We can check if your equipment runs correctly via Internet without sending our technicians to your location.


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