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20.05.2024 TechnoVector at AutoServiceTec in Italy May 17th to 19th 2024 TechnoVector equipment was featured in Catania
28.03.2024 TechnoVector at DDOR BG Car Show & Motopassion On March 21-27, 2024 TechnoVector 8 contactless machine was featured in the trade show in Serbia
25.03.2024 TechnoVector and iPRO at AMTS 2024 On the 21-24th of March 2024 TechnoVector and iPRO equipment was featured at the show in Hungary.

TechnoVector 7

V 7202 T

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Product description

Main Advantages:

Number of cameras 2 video cameras
Type of cameras Industrial optical RAW cameras
Type of mounting Floor-mount.T-pillar
Computer cabinet V-cabinet
Applicability Pit
Distance from cameras to the center of front turn tables

1400 - 2500 mm

Installation and Calibration

Installation Required
Calibration after installation   
Not required**
* Not included.

** Calibration after installation is recommended. Without calibration after installation the wheel aligner makes correct measurements only in the plane of the car.

This wheel aligner is supplied pre-calibrated and can be used right after installation.
Installation and calibration must be performed by a certified specialist.

Comment type is not specified in the component properties.