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20.05.2024 TechnoVector at AutoServiceTec in Italy May 17th to 19th 2024 TechnoVector equipment was featured in Catania
28.03.2024 TechnoVector at DDOR BG Car Show & Motopassion On March 21-27, 2024 TechnoVector 8 contactless machine was featured in the trade show in Serbia
25.03.2024 TechnoVector and iPRO at AMTS 2024 On the 21-24th of March 2024 TechnoVector and iPRO equipment was featured at the show in Hungary.

TechnoVector 7 Truck

T 7404 H TS

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Product description

TechnoVector 7 Truck - T 7404 HTS

TechnoVector 7 Truck - T 7404 HTS has been specially designed to take measurements and to do wheel alignment on multi-axle trucks, tractor units, buses, trailers and semitrailers.

The main advantage of this model is simultaneous measurement of several axles. The standard configuration of the machine works with 4 axles simultaneously and comes with 8 targets and 8 clamps, and 2 wheel adapter holders to store these items.  At customer’s request we can include more parts in the set to measure 5-6 axles (at extra charge).  

Please note that the targets supplied with this version are lightweight and of smaller size, they are made of magnesium alloy.

TechnoVector 7 Truck T 7404 HTS includes 2 pillars, each equipped with 2 HD cameras and an extra display which shows prompts for technicians.

This model allows drive-through and reverse drive-in.

WideScope machine vision system makes it possible to measure vehicles with the wheelbase up to 16 meters.

You can also use a shorter run out compensation: rolling the vehicle only forward (76 cm).

Truck wheel adapters allow working with 15-28” rims without additional accessories.

To measure vehicles with more than 1 controllable axle, you will need extra turn tables.


Number of cameras 4 immovable cameras.
Сamera type Industrial Grade HD high-precision optical RAW cameras
Mounting type Floor-mount. Two pillars.
Cabinet type T - series
Applicability Pit
Distance from cameras to the center of front turn tables 2000 - 3500 mm *
Main advantages
  • TechnoVector 7 Truck allows measuring trucks with the wheelbase up to 16 meters.
  • Drive-through is allowed.

* If it is necessary to measure control points of the frame near the front bumper, the distance from the cameras to the front turn tables should be not less than 3000mm.

Calibration of cameras

The TechnoVector 7 Truck wheel aligners require setting and calibration of cameras on the bay.

Transportation of the device must be carried out in special package in enclosed means of transportation (enclosed freight cars, enclosed car bodies, holds, hermetically sealed compartments of aircraft).

When transported boxes with the devices must be rigidly fastened to the means of transportation. Rules of cargo handling must be followed according to the signs on the box: Fragile, This Side Up, Handle with Care, Keep Dry.

Comment type is not specified in the component properties.

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